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Thomas Schneider
5 min readMay 20, 2021


Ever wonder how the really rich book their luxury vacations, do their shopping or find that Picasso or limited-edition must-have luxury item? Do they hop on the internet, surfing through flight search websites, or sort through boutique store locators? Do they scour across auction websites like Sotheby’s, searching for the best deals they can find? Do they create travel alerts on sites like Expedia, digging for the best available options?

While the average consumer sites are great for everyday customers, a different class of service awaits those that have the means for getting the job done with the assistance of some of the world’s best and most exclusive luxury concierge teams. For the super-rich, no request is too big, too complicated, or too expensive.

From private jets, to luxury villa rentals and superyachts, and even off-market artwork or unattainable watches and limited edition Birkin bags, these luxury concierge services offer the proverbial backstage pass to those who boldly embody the statement that money truly is no object.

Welcome to a world laced with stunning opulence, replete with unrivaled service, unforgettable one-of-a-kind outlandish experiences and simply unimaginable excess for those with the good fortune that’s afforded by these all-access-pass concierge teams.

However, don’t get me wrong, concierge services aren’t merely meant solely for travel and shopping. In fact, the best concierge companies in the world aid their clients in managing and maintaining their celebrity-esque lifestyles, while providing a refined level of personal assistance and discretion for an unfettered ease of comfort, convenience and accessibility to their lives.

Who has the time to manage their second or third home, help book that superstar singer for their wedding in the Mediterranean, or remember a family member’s birthday and send a personalized gift? Imagine being able to send a WhatsApp message to your luxury concierge, telling them what you need, and a short time later, it’s done, to a standard of perfection seldomly seen.

This type of bespoke service and attention to detail is almost contrary to today’s do-it-yourself world which to date has been fueled by the proliferation of technology. But there is something to be said about regaining personal time, by offloading tasks to someone with an extensive personal and business network developed over time by some of the world’s most in-the-know. Yet, don’t expect your personal concierge to come cheap. Depending on the level of attention you’re seeking, annual fees can easily range in the low-to-mid five-figures. And that’s just to be a member.

However, if you’re looking for an unparalleled red-carpet experience, look no further than companies like one of the few concierges that not only deliver on service, but also a global footprint that provides convenience and accessibility to the world’s upper-middle class and elite jet-setters. These companies are the cream of the crop, the best of the best when it comes to white-glove service and an anything-goes-get-it-done attitude. But you won’t find them advertising or talking about their client list. Discretion is key, and an introduction by an existing member is the best way to be accepted as a client.

What Are The World’s Best Concierge Companies?

#1 London2Tokyo Group

The winner of the coveted Travel Weekly Gold Magellan Award, and World’s Best Concierge Company by the Swiss Guilde Internationale des Professionnels du Voyage, the company’s client list is vast and filled with celebrities and notable individuals across numerous fields, yet they remain tight-lipped about specific names citing the importance their clients hold for privacy and discretion. With an average net worth of $5 million dollars and up, the company is accustomed to dealing with those that demand and expect the very best of the best.

The brain child of the world’s most coveted concierge, Tom Bent-Lee, London2Tokyo’s well-to-do and in-the-know global fixers provide an all-access pass to the elite looking for preferential treatment and white-glove service in every aspect of entertainment, travel and commerce. The company offers a wide range of options in three unique tiers of membership that range anywhere from $5,000 per year for a premier membership, to $15,000 per year for the elite level.

Need a last minute invite to the Cannes Film Festival and a ticket to the most coveted event in town like the amfAR Gala dinner? That’s when the 35 dedicated team members situated around the world spring into action and deliver on their promise. Some other notable things that London2tokyo is famous for:

  • Shutting down Toronto’s harborfront for Sir Richard Branson, so he could land his helicopter to launch his new business.
  • Creating a life size statue, flown via private jet to the Maldives, to be placed underwater for an avid Scuba diver to find himself amongst the shipwreck — a birthday present from his wife.
  • Flying six private jets simultaneously to collect bags including an 18 foot birthday cake that took up an entire aircraft.
  • Rescuing 436 stranded employees as flights stopped flying during the height of the pandemic and bringing them home.

#2 Quintessentially Group

Originally launched in the heart of the United Kingdom in London, the Quintessentially Group is one of the leading luxury concierge services that provide access to the world’s most exclusive brands and experiences. Membership tiers start at an eye watering $45,000 per year with hefty commissions and markups and the bottom membership tier only gets you access to an email address that is answered once a day. Some notable things they have accomplished include:

  • Closing the Sydney Harbor Bridge to allow a member to propose to his fiancee.
  • Arranging for dinner on an iceberg.
  • Flying a member’s dog in comfort on a private jet.
  • Organizing a complete James Bond experience that included a kidnapping on the streets of London.

#3 Knightsbridge Circle

Launched in 2012 Knightsbridge Circle caters to a select group of clients that have an eye-watering average net worth of $800 million dollars, with an annual membership fee of approximately $25,000. However, don’t expect to easily join this closely-knit circle. This exclusive, invitation-only concierge service has a long and illustrious waiting list and is mostly focused on travel, rather than all-round services.

#4 Pure Entertainment Group

Pure Entertainment Group is a luxury lifestyle and concierge company based out of Montreal, Canada, catering to high-net-worth individuals. The company focuses on bespoke travel packages, luxurious-lifestyle experiences and personalized concierge services for both private clients and corporations from around the world.

There will be many other companies if you do a search on Google, but dig a little deeper and you will see it’s a one man operation in Utah, or overhyped with zero global reach. You will quickly realize that they are nowhere near as capable as the top two companies on this list.



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