The Brand-New Travel Site That Puts an End to Endless Searching

Thomas Schneider
4 min readMar 5, 2018


As travelers we are constantly bombarded with a slew of ads for the biggest travel sites featuring the most reviews, lowest prices and a choice of about a trillion options. Every vacation brings with it the dreaded travel site information overload where you have to become an expert on everything. Whatever happened to exploring while you are there?

Fortunately, I found a little gem on the web that features powerful new tools to help me find the best combination of top reviews and best prices for maximum value. It’s a little unknown digital travel agency called What is absolutely brilliant about this site is that it combines four websites in one and has saved me countless hours of searching. We all want the best possible hotel and the lowest price, so why even bother with the hundred other hotels that are just plain crap? manages to serve up just around 300 curated travel packages featuring only the best combination of top reviewed hotel properties — and then something awesome happens — it automatically combines it with direct flights, curated activities, trip insurance, and all extra fees including airline seat reservations, checked baggage, hotel resort fees and taxes. Something that previously required me visiting multiple websites and pulling out my credit card to pay countless additional fees. Once I clicked buy on a particular package, I got an email confirming that my entire itinerary would arrive in my email inbox in around 15 minutes and that I would have 24 hours to confirm it. And it did, and the itinerary was perfect, the shortest direct flight, the hotel with an upgraded room, seat reservation and activity confirmation.

Seeing as how much I travel, I really don’t get pleasantly surprised very often. So I decided to email the founders of Trip Concierge to ask them why their nifty little site hadn’t already gone big and mainstream. Their blunt answer was that Expedia was such a monster that nobody can compete with them in terms of exposure, so they decided to build a site for friends and family to use. It just so happened that word of mouth helped them grow.

“It was a very exciting day for our friends and family,” said co-founder Peter Burjanec. “We could all stop wasting time researching and getting nickel and dimed by Expedia, and just get a great vacation knowing that we have only the best vacation to chose from.”


Peter was kind enough to share a few more details about the site, and how the system finds the perfect hotel, flight and activity combinations, they include:

 Detailed trip overviews written by founders who have evaluated properties, not just on paper, but in-person and onsite.

 Vacations featuring 440 handpicked hotels and 330 destination activities that combine the highest consumer review rating, best location/experience and lowest price.

 Three value categories: Smart (3-Star), Premium (4-Star), Posh (5-Star) and a by-invitation only Luxe (7-star) category, exclusively reserved for American Express Platinum and Centurion customers.

 Direct flights, or maximum 1-stop combinations on major air carriers (Star Alliance, OneWorld and Skyteam) with the best on-time performance, in a cabin class that includes all extras at the lowest possible fare.

 Active trip monitoring while travelers are on vacation with 24/7 concierge support should a travel disruption take place.

Activities and Attractions

Of course, now I am surfing the site in detail as part of writing this article and I get even more excited, especially because I started seeing some really fun activities that were included in the trip that I thought I would really enjoy. Some of the more exciting in-destination activities and attractions include adventure (whale watching expeditions in San Diego, guided Harding Icefield trail hike in Anchorage), sports (America’s Cup sailing adventure on San Francisco Bay), gourmet (private sky dining on the Singapore cable car), music lover (Mozart concert at the Musikverein in Vienna or a private tour of the ABBA Museum in Stockholm), sightseeing (hop-on hop-off tours), the family-friendly (Disneyworld tickets and shows) and the romantic (Monaco night tour, luxury spa treatments and sunset cruises).

Friendship Discount

Having made some new friends in the travel industry, I thought I needed to share the love, so I asked the guys whether they would be willing to offer a discount to my readers. And here it is! is offering discounts of up to $100 OFF all their travel packages, using discount code FRIENDS100. The offer is valid until 31 December. When was the last time Expedia or the airlines gave you $100 for anything? Thank goodness for amazing young startups that value us vacation travelers.

How to Book

Phone: 1–800–503–8173

Reach out to them via social media:

Twitter Profile: @Curatedtrips
Facebook Page: Curatedtrips
Instagram Feed: Curatedtrip



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